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Hi, my name is Pauline Walker and I am the founder of ECOLUV Green Cleaning and Housekeeping services Melbourne. I created my company in 2010 to offer families a Chemical Free Eco home cleaning service as an alternative to the many companies still using dangerous chemicals when cleaning a home. I knew we could improve the health and wellbeing of a home and the families that lived in them by eliminating the reliance and use of toxic chemicals and instead, leave a home with a fresh, beautiful sparkling clean that was far safer. I also felt that by reducing and eliminating the use of these dangerous chemicals, I could contribute to the protection of our precious beautiful, awe-inspiring nature that connects all of us and sustains our lives in so many ways.

Our services are designed to support busy families with an unforgettable experience of real joy and happiness when returning home to find everything sparkling clean. Not only do our clients walk in the door to breathe in the gentle divine fresh essence of the Australian bush, they find everything in order, tidied, beds made, toys tidied, washing, folding, ironing done, dishes cleaned dried and put away, the oven cleaned, the evening meal prepared and as they look through their sparkling cleaned windows they see their beautiful fur baby has also been walked.

My beautiful teams are hand-selected and specifically trained and accredited in the ECOLUV Green Cleaning and Housekeeping Systems. The women and men chosen to join our ECOLUV family are discerning, honest, hardworking people from all over the world who come to Australia to make a better life for themselves. They really care about the families they serve, and they believe that they also can make a difference in the lives of the people they look after.

About Ecoluv


We only choose chemical free cleaning processes. We only choose people to join our family who align with our values. We only choose people who present professional and care about themselves and others.
About Ecoluv


We are aware of our clients specific needs. We are aware of how to create a Wow for our clients every time all the time. We are aware of the importance of maintaining a beautiful healthy loving home for our clients.
About Ecoluv


We respect and care for our planet and all that lives on her. We respect that our clients home is their castle and everything in it is precious and personal. We respect and care for each in the ECOLUV family.
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We deliver more than just an awesome clean,
We deliver it with love... every time, all the time

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