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  • The team this morning was absolutely fabulous. On time, so organized with their responsibilities. They got straight to it & the house was immaculate. Thank you
    Box Hill South
  • I was so so happy with the service today. I can’t believe how good the clean was, everything perfect. Thanks very much.
  • Your Wow team were awesome!!! - Very polite, friendly & courteous. My home is blindingly clean. I’ve never had such clean windows & screens ever!!! Blinds look brand new. Bathroom sparkles. Oven is brilliant!!!!! ***WOWWOWWOW***
    Eltham North
  • I was very happy with the clean. The team was great & just worked around us until we left that morning so I that was nice. The house felt clean, looked clean & smelled clean. I did do a walk around to see if there was anything else I would have liked done & to be honest I couldn’t fault the team, they did a wonderful job. I was really very happy with the it all. I look forward to having you guys regularly.
  • They did a fantastic job! 10/10. Great attention to detail. Thank you so much. A New house! & a lovely team. Well done EcoLuv.
  • A little feedback after my Kick Start Clean on Thursday past…..I could keep it little & just say …Fabulous!! The team were just terrific & I couldn’t fault anything at all. Poppy has been brilliant with her professionalism & manner….fantastic. I am looking forward to the next fortnightly visit.
  • We just got home & the house looks amazing! The floors are beautiful, surfaces all dusted & everything's sparkling... Even Elouise's finger paintings on the walls are a thing of the past. I love all the little things like, the kids shoes are all lined up in their wardrobes, the folded toilet paper & the fruit bowl is sitting beautifully in the middle of the table. I feel like I'm walking into a hotel 🤗Most of all it is fantastic to come home to a clean house & to make plans for the weekend that don't involve me cleaning.
  • The team did a fabulous job today. It was absolutely spotless despite how busy our week was & how messy it had gotten. I was speechless. Thanks for such the professional, kind & hardworking team.
    Box Hill South
  • Best clean ever – Well done!
    Wonga Park
  • Your cleaning team did a magnificent job & all three premises look amazing. The boys in the cottage & at the yard all commented on the cleaning that was done! The whole team were an absolute pleasure to have in my home. I look forward to our ongoing relationship.
  • I was very happy with my first clean by the team. The team leader was warm and friendly, and she greeted my dogs with lots of pats 🙂 I arrived home just as they were leaving, and she took me in and was keen to show me the wonderful job they'd done. This showed me she took genuine pride in her work, which was lovely to see! My house hasn't sparkled like that for a very long time! The carpets were lovely, as were all the kids rooms. Kitchen and bathroom smelled lovely and spotless. I look forward to a long relationship with you all!
  • Fantastic service, great communication, quick to come & provide quote & get started. Did the most amazing job, including extra stuff I hadn't asked for. Loved that my home "felt" clean & that care had been taken to pick up & clean under things, something I find to not normally be done. Would definitely recommend Pauline & Poppy to everyone. Thank you again!
    Black Rock
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